"Escape from Social Distancing"

Oil on cardboard
20 x 24


"þrenning" (Trinity)

12 x 16, Oil on board

þrenning (Trinity).jpeg
The Yellow Piano 14x19.jpg
Crow in the Snow 7x10 watercolor.jpeg
The Caddie watercolor 7x10.jpg

Yellow Piano

Oil on Linen 14 x 19

Crow in the Snow

Watercolor on paper, 7 x 10

The Caddie

Watercolor on paper, 7 x 10

Galapagos owl.jpeg

Galapagos owl

oil on linen
9 x 11

Little curious one.jpeg

Curious Rufous

oil on linen
6 X 9


"The Howler"

8x10 Oil on canvas

Costa Rica howler 8x10 oil on canvas.jpe

"Bylgja Hnúfubaksins"

("Wave of the Humpback")
24x24 Oil on canvas

The Pollinator 8x10 oil on board.jpeg

"The Pollinator"

8x10 Oil on board
Lincoln Park

Published in Turnpike Magazine, November 2019, page 31.


Between Dives
8x10 Oil on linen

Between dives_edited.jpg
Striking Gold 5x7 oil on linen.jpeg

"Sláandi Gull"

("Striking Gold")

5x7 Oil on linen

Approaching Salvation 9x12_edited.jpg

"Approaching Salvation"

Oil on Canvas, 9x12, plein air, (Chicago)

Ear bud_edited.jpg

"Ear Bud"

Oil on canvas, 9x12

Incoming Fog 9x12.jpeg

"Incoming Fog"

Oil on Canvas, 9x12, plein air, (Chicago River)


"The Runaway"

Oil on Linen

Equador field.JPG

"Rehearsing Sugarplum"

Oil on canvas

Rehearsing Sugarplum.jpeg

Yorkie Series

Snow dog 4x4.jpeg

"Snow Dog" 4x4 oil on board

Best side 4x4.jpeg

"Best Side" 4x4 oil on board

Bright eyes 4x4.jpeg

"Bright Eyes" 4x4 oil on board

Lily and Riley 4x4.jpeg

"Lily and Riley" 4x4 oil on board

Farmer's Market Beauty 36x36.jpeg

"Farmer's Market Beauty"

Oil on canvas

36 x 36

Sweeping beauty.JPG

Sweeping Beauty

Oil on canvas



(Oil on canvas)

Published in Colere, 2010


Where there's a will

Oil on canvas

Assertive yorkie.JPG
Oregon coast trail.jpg

Oregon Coast Trail

Oil on Canvas


Mutual Surprise

Oil on canvas
Ring of Kerry

Mutual Surprise 30 x 36.jpg

Little Sister's Embrace


Oil on canvas

Blue Dress Waiting

Blue Dress Waiting 18x20.oil on

Oil on canvas

Spearmint and wine

Spearmint and wine.JPG

Oil on canvas

Sarver.Oil.Linen.Riding the


Oil on canvas


Professor Riley

Oil on board

Sarver.Oil.Board.Professor Riley.jpg
Sarver.Oil.Board.Bird on a Wire.jpg

"Bird on a Wire"

(Oil on board)
Published on the cover of

Four and Twenty, February 2010


Red hats on Dearborn

Oil on canvas

Red Hats on Dearborn.8x11.oil on linen.j
Windmill near St. Tropez.jpg

Windmill near St. Tropez

Oil on board

Plein air


Overlooking the gorge

Oil on board

Plein air

Gorge So. France.JPG
Girl in mirror.jpg

Girl in the mirror

Oil on board


Watchful eye

Oil on board
Crater Lake

Friend at Crater Lake.JPG
Guarding the hacienda.JPG

Guarding the Hacienda

Oil on canvas


Catching a breeze

Oil on canvas

Catching a breeze.JPG
Fast Friends. watercolor.jpg

Fast friends

Watercolor on paper


Beach buddies

Oil on board

Beach buddies.JPG
Farmhouse near St. Tropez.jpg

Farmhouse near St. Tropez

Oil on board

Plein air


Waiting for the fog to fade

Oil on board

Boats scotland.JPG
Tuscan vineyard.JPG

Tuscan vineyard

Oil on canvas


Three chairs waiting

Oil on canvas

Three chairs waiting.JPG
Sunset over Pronghorn.JPG

Oregon sunset

Oil on canvas



Oil on canvas

The rehearsal.JPG
On the edge.9x12 watercolor.jpg

On the edge

Watercolor on paper